Totò, “The Prince of Laughter” and what a Great Dresser! Posted on 24 Oct 12:19

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A.K.A. “Totò”, or “The Prince of Laughter” (he’s full name being “Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi de Curtis di Bisanzio”), is considered one of the most influential Italian actors of all times. Think of him as the Italian Buster Keaton, or Charlie Chaplin, if you wish, but add some more class and stir well. You’d probably end up with some sort of distorted idea of who this genius really was.

God bestowed on this little “scugnizzo” (Neapolitan for “boy”) so many talents, that it was hard for him to pick just one and work on it. Apart from being a great comedian, Totò was - in fact - also an accomplished poet and musician. Not to mention the fact that he was also, certainly, a gentleman.

In this endeavor of ours, however, we are far more concerned with his sense of style than anything else. Obviously, he was also a great dresser. So, I will skip Totò's bio and comment on this wonderful, colorised picture. Let’s start from the centrepiece: this double-breasted madras flannel jacket in storm dust green with peaked lapels is breathtakingly wonderful, to say the least. And look at that Homburg Hat in hemp brown! What a perfect companion! Not to mention the Tartan necktie in Seal Brown and dark blue and the white checkered shirt. Perfection doesn’t need many comments, it speaks for itself. Should I mention the silk pocket square and the way it has been folded? This picture was taken when Totò was still relatively young, but think about it: wouldn't this outfit be stylish, even today? Of course it would.