Good Style Tips: Colin Firth Posted on 05 Nov 17:06


colin firthTake a good look at this wonderful, gulf blue, pin-striped, double-breasted suit in what looks like fresco-lana. It’s quintessentially British and extremely elegant, but also comfortable.


The oxford tie is correct, and ditto for the Windsor knot – especially given the English-spread collar of the slightly off-white shirt. The combination tie-jacket-shirt works because of the different size of the stripes. The white pocket square with a Tv fold adds another touch of formality without interrupting the geometric balance of horizontal and vertical lines and stripes. The peaked lapels of the jacket melt effortlessly with the ensemble.

The plain, Oxford shoes in black represent another correct choice: the chap is in London, and he’s probably not going to the get his shoes drenched in water anytime soon, not just given the umbrella, but also because he probably works in an office most of the time, and when he doesn’t, he’s going to either drive his Jaguar back home, or hop in a taxi cab. So, no need for boots. The color choice it’s also in line with British traditions.

What do I mean, well: an Italian gentleman would have probably opted for dark brown shoes here, instead – given the blue suit. Notice also the black socks. No need to go for funky, colorful, patterned or striped socks: it would have been out of place here.

Finally, there are two additional interesting elements, the sunglasses and the umbrella. What could you say about them? All and all, the word that comes to mind, looking at this ensemble is: “sobriety”. There’s only one, trifling mistake here: the right sleeve of the jacket is too long and one can’t see the usual striped of shirt protruding… the culprit maybe a thick watch, or perhaps the sleeve itself. Always make sure there are at least two centimeters of shirt visible beyond the sleeve of your jacket!