Sperm Whales, Little Fashionable People And Refugees Posted on 14 Sep 16:42


All right inferiors, it’s time to illuminate you with another slice of wisdom, John Cravatta style. And you know I am all about style. But don’t get me wrong: style without character is nothing. I despise men and women who can put the right pair of shoes at the right venue but can’t behave the way they are supposed to. Anybody can look at a few fashion pictures on Vogue or GQ and then copy&paste the style of Top Models from around the world. But, like Salomon said: “favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised”. The same can be said about men, of course. Especially because nowadays we don’t really know what a real man is with all this metrosexuality going on. And, before you ask: I don’t like metrosexuality. I have nothing against metrosexuals because they don’t know any better and you are supposed to loath the sin, not the sinner, but I think metrosexuality is a problem from hell.

I know, some of you (inferiors) would like to put John Cravatta in a museum for saying this, but John Cravatta is and will always be a dinosaur of the 21st century. Sorry! This is supposed to be about true style anyways, so follow me: when you are looking for a man (or a woman) don’t judge by the cover only. “Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids”. Men and women, nowadays, are all about esthetics, cosmetics, magnetic glances and perfumes. But you must “beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

What I am trying to say is that clothes and accessories are indeed important, but an empty, even though perfectly clothed shell, will not suffice. Little Fashionable People, like I call them, are utterly useless. Men must be knowledgeable in order to be interesting, and even though they might be able to afford Dolce&Gabbana’s gowns, women certainly cannot afford to be shallow and must be capable of entertaining a good conversation with anybody. Stay away from the kind of men that, while at a dinner table, will try to steer the conversation toward soccer as soon as possible and keep also a good distance from women who are only good at gossiping:. More in general, stay well away from slanderers, hypocrites and whited sepulchers that will stab you in the back, given the slightest chance.

I know, you must be thinking: wait a minute: “is this supposed to be a blog about style and ties, or what?” Well, my dear inferiors, you see? John Cravatta does it his own way. I’m not going to copy the ideas of other people because I have my own ideas. And in my mind, a blog that only talks about style can be lightheartedly left alone in the digital sea of triviality to which it pertains. I am more than happy to entertain just a few readers, the ones that can appreciate, instead of as many as I can. I don’t want to sell my neckties to superficial individuals who wear nothing but nice clothes and have no interesting books in their bookcase. These kind of people should go and buy their neckties somewhere else. John Cravatta only sells his goods to good people: God fearing mean and women with a sense of decency and a penchant for respectable, old-fashioned morals.   

The problem is: we live in a culture that kills thousands of babies each and every day but it is concerned with the well-being of Sperm Whales (by the way, would you please prevent the biologist who named the Sperm Whale to ever name another animal in the future? Thanks). We live in a culture that, in the name of political correctness, brags about gay rights but, alas! At the same time it defends the right to exist of Islamic states that execute gay people. We live in a culture that tolerates everybody… as long as they don’t have opinions of their own. We live in a culture that promotes sexual promiscuity and condemns traditional morals for the sole reason of being traditional. We have bought into the lies of feminism, communism, socialism, atheism and other stupid “isms” and we wonder why people don’t have children and don’t get married anymore, all of a sudden.

We know that a chain cannot be stronger than its weaker ring as much as a State can’t be stronger that the families of which it is composed, but we wonder why States are no longer functioning as they used to, back in the good old days when the traditional family was considered a good thing.

My dear inferiors, we are teaching our kids that they are the result of a cosmic accident, instead of being made in the resemblance of God, that they actually descend from the apes and that when they’ll die, they will dissolve into nothingness and then we wonder why they get depressed!

We look at the refugees crisis and point the finger at European politicians, instead of blaming it on the Middle Eastern Totalitarian Regimes that are actually causing the crisis. We consider ourselves to be much more knowledgeable than our ancestors, but in reality we are a bunch of ignorant who can’t tell a Rembrandt from a  Renault.  

Ah, despicable me! I have only something like 800 words and it’s hard to illuminate you with 800 words. But I’m doing my best, as you can see. I take a bow for now.

Despicably yours,


John “The Bapitst” Cravatta